Lash Talk

Image In the salon we often experience clients who’ve come in and have had lash extensions and end up with no eyelashes at all.There are proper ways to apply and remove your lashes to prevent damage to your own lashes .

The number 1 rule is to use the proper adhesive whether you are doing the application  at home yourself or you are having them professionally done know what’s being used.Do not  I repeat do not use hair bonding glue to apply your lashes  it’s meant to be used for the hair on your head not the hair on your face which is much finer and more delicate.No. 2 Use the proper adhesive for the each lash application.There are two different lash adhesives one for strip lashes and one for individual lash application. If you use the strip lash adhesive for individual lash application they won’t last and if you use individual lash adhesive for strip application the glue will irritate your skin and eyes terribly.( trust me on this one I was irritated to point my nose was running for days) So strip adhesive is made for the skin and individual lash adhesive is meant to be applied to actual lash itself.Also if you are allergic to latex Ardell does carry a  latex free adhesive.

No. 3 proper removal is key t o keeping your own lashes in tact. you can seek a professional for this service or if you are removing individual lashes on your own purchase the remover it’s in expensive and well worth it if you want to keep your own lashes. It takes a while to loosen the glue up but be patient.If you have a couple that just want to hang in there don’t pull them out they will either loosen up and fall out on there own or they will shed out  with your natural lash cycle.Should you get frustrated and opt out of being patient or going to a professional and decide to just pull them off and you end up  with out any lashes. Don’t fret strip lashes are the best way in my opinion to look normal while growing your natural lashes back because the glue is applied to the skin only and is easily removed by gently pulling off the strip

All in all lash extension are a creative way to give your look that extra boost . They come in all lengths, colors,and even textures so choose which method is best for you.

Until next time be beauty inspired.


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