I often come across many people with natural hair, clients and non clients alike. I have gone to many a natural hair show and seminars and have been certified as a natural hair technician and one of the biggest misconceptions is that being natural somehow makes you more spiritual more deep or you all of sudden are liberated from wearing a relaxer or chemicals. For some people that is the case but not necessarily for everyone.

One of the main reasons women began to go natural was because of the health of their hair . In the salon we would have women coming in with severe breakage ,thinning , excessive hair shedding or scalp issues. Most of this was due to improper use of relaxers or color , traction alopecia ( hair being braided to tight) or side effects of medication or illness.

Within the past 5 years or so natural hair really has become the trend. Many a women go natural for different reason and I’m of the belief that when It comes hair natural or relaxed you should do what’s best for you . It doesn’t make you more black if your hair is natural or more white if your hair is relaxed . If natural doesn’t work for you (because it can be a lot work at times ) don’ t be condemned by the trend .

My natural journey began kind of by accident I cut my hair short and texturized it after my last child was born because I needed a low maintenance style with having three kids I was always on the go and was pressed for time . I had no intentions of growing it out long or staying natural for that matter .Six years later I’m still going.Not because of the trend or feelings of liberation I found that I really liked my natural hair every kink and curl . I had to learn how to work with it as far as taming it but once I got past that and figured that I could do almost the same thing with my natural hair that I could do with my relaxed hair there was no real reason for me to relax my hair . I’ve worn it straight, (blown out and flat ironed )two strand twists , twist outs, and of course my big fro.I’ve worn braids and weaves and kinky twist and always keep my hair colored . But as for me It’s always a matter of what I’m feeling  I’m a hair dresser so I’m always open to change when it comes to my hair .

When I consult with  women about changing their hair my number one response is If you’re not sure yet wait until you are ready especially when it comes to cutting or even a major change like going natural. It will save you stress in the long run .

Until next Time

Keep being naturally you!

Peace and love


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