Morning makeup trio( AKA my quick mommy make up routine) .


If you don’t have time for full make up every morning or you just don’t like the hassle or fuss here are three key make up tips to help you look fresh-faced awake and out the door in no time(5 min. or less).

First hit your brows. Whether you arch them or you’re au naturale. fill them in for a fuller look or use a brow brush tame them.  Remember your brows frame your face so make sure not to miss this step

Second  your lashes. Whether you’re a  falsies kind of girl or you prefer mascara this step just opens your eyes more and make you appear more awake.Remember the eyes are the windows to the soul.

And thirdly the lips. This just completes your quick makeup look whether it’s simple chapstick,your fav gloss, or you’re a lipstick kinda girl this step just puts the stamp on your look .

And with that being said you should be looking fresh-faced and ready to head out the door.


Until next time stay beautiful!




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