Thirsty hair repair

We are now in the dog days of summer and by now your mane has probably taken a beating from the sun.Here are few ways to help combat Summer sun damage.
Replenish your thirsty mane with a moisturizing deep conditioning treatment . One of our most popular moisturizing salon treatments is done by using design essentials stimulations conditioner mixed with a few drops of their botanical oil cover hair with a plastic cap and let sit for 15 minutes (dryer optional) Also a leave in conditioner is key to your hair’s summer survival. a leave in conditioner is good to use on your hair before you go for a swim at the pool or the beach it acts like a sunscreen for the hair. My absolute fave is by Jane Carter. This product I recommend to all my clients especially those wearing natural hair,locs,&braids .It can be used daily without causing a build up and it smells great to!
Last but not least A great moisturizer completes your summer moisture regimen and once again my top pick is from Jane Carter Solutions. The hair nourishing cream is great for daily use and is a good product to use on damp hair before a blow out.
These are just of few of the things you can do to protect your hair from the summer heat .Try one or all of them out for your next hair pampering session.

Until next time ,
Stay beautiful


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