natural hair blow out

Do you want to wear your hair straight but you feel like it’s a hassle to maintain ?Check out these quick tips before you straighten your hair . Whether it’s blown out and flat ironed or the old school pressing comb these tips can help you get the most out of your look.

After shampooing and conditioning part hair into 4 sections clip or plait and allow to dry.Next blow dry each section with a blow dryer and comb attachment or paddle brush ( don’t forget to use a heat protecting serum for this part). Once each section is blown out proceed to straighten using your tool of choice remember small sections are the key to achieve maximum straightness .Upon completion style hair as desired .To maintain your straight look wrap hair  around your head  and cover with a silk scarf every night just as you would if  your hair was  relaxed  this keeps your hair smooth and straight and remember at this point  moisture is not your friend . Should you forget the last step mentioned and go to bed without wrapping you will awake to major frizz and puffiness and you’ll have flat iron to smooth it out again.

I hope these tips were helpful.

Until next time stay beautiful,




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