The Evolution of Natural Hair

Going natural is surprisingly nothing new. African-American women have done this through out times past very popular in the 60’s and 70’s woman rocked mostly afros, short, big, with head bands and without.

Then came the 80’s and the on set of the infamous jheri curl , fabulaxer, and the all to wonderful weave. Once again the 90′ s brought  more change naturals slowly started to creep in  but in the form of the short texturized  look (thinkJada Pinkett Smith )but eventually everyone after the short look was done and women wanted to change their looks most often went back to their relaxer.

With new millennium came major change in hair . Locs ruled as one of the few ways to have your hair long and natural( and  in my opinion Lauren hill wore them best) . Yet and still natural hair continued to evolve from braids to women wearing there hair two strand twisted . From there you have the twist out/ braid out ,the natural bun just to name a few.

Our natural hair has continued to evolve and everyday we are coming up with something new and exciting in this age to make our mark.

I’d love to hear from you what are some of your most memorable hair styles (good or bad).

Until next time100_0016


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