10 myths about transitioning from a chemical to natural hair

These are the top myths I’ve heard when it comes to  transitioning from a chemical to natural hair. There’s more but I’m just tackling the top ten here.

10. Natural Hair won’t look good on me

Truth ~ beauty is in the eye of the beholder . I believe it’s all in how you wear it . Find a style you are comfortable with and can see your self wearing and rock it!

9.  I don’t look good with short hair

Truth~ your hair doesn’t have to be short to be natural

8. The kinky look isn’t for me

Truth~ everyone has a different hair texture and if kinky is not your look I’m positive  there are other natural styles to suit you

7. I’m to tender headed

Truth~ I believe the right products and tools can fix that:)

6. I can only wear my hair a certain way if I’m natural.

Truth~ your styling options are unlimited.

5. It’s too much work .

Truth~ yes , going natural is a process but with the right maintenance routine you’ll find the process to be  less daunting. A good shampoo, conditioner, and moisturizer is important for starters.

4. I’ll have to change all my hair products to only those for natural hair

Truth ~ That would be a personal preference you definitely want to invest in good quality products but the products we use in salon are what we call cross over products simply put they work well on all hair types and textures.

3. My hair will be dry and dull looking

Truth~ as I said before😉 the key to this is proper product selection 🙂

2. My hair will fall out

Truth ~ with proper maintenance and care  you should only experience normal shedding( 80 – 100 strands per day) as your hair goes through the transitioning process. Anymore than that then a treatment is recommended.

1. I will have to cut all of my hair off

Truth~this is the number 1 myth I’m asked all the time and the simple answer is no there are so many styles to get you through this phase, the possibilities are almost endless.

So no more excuses . If your goal is to transition to natural hair follow the blog for more tips and style options as you “grow” through your journey.

Until next time



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