Simple summer make up tips

As you go light and airy with your clothing take on the same mind-set for your make up . Instead of going for your full coverage foundation opt instead for tinted beauty balm (aka BB CREAM  ) . It will give light coverage and will gently even out your skin tone.(make sure to use a sunscreen or get a BB creme with spf already in it) . To get a bit more coverage you can .lightly set your BB cream with a little loose powder .

For a nice dewy ,summery glow high light the bridge of your nose , cupid’s bow , chin, and cheek bones with bronzer.

To complete your look make sure to do these three thing if nothing else. Maintain a nicely arched brow it frames the face, accentuate your eyes with either a nice mascara, false lashes, or eye liner for subtle day time look, and last but not least your favorite lipstick or lip gloss .

I hope these tips help make your Summer even more fabulous .

Until next time ,

keep cool and stay beautiful


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