Summer favorites (things i’m lovin’ right now)

For me, Summer has always meant change to me . it just seems like around certain months I begin to get bored with certain things. whether it be with my hair wardrobe or things around the house I start to get an itching’ to make things over. typically it starts with  hair. It could be something as simple as a subtle color change, a major cut , or adding lots length. what ever it is the change seems to spark more creativity and inspiration for other ideas  which I love.

i have a few loose Summer plans and a couple of solid one too. like creating a vegetable garden with my kids . the kids and I have been wanting to do this for a while so this is definitely a solid one this summer. Brushing up on my sewing is a loose one but im leaning more towards making this  one .

Here are a few things that have inspired change for me this season . In the hair category I would have to say it would be kera care curling wax. This product is one of my goto favorites. Its works wonders on natural hair to truly tame those edges, apply directly to the hair-line followed by a little hair spray and brush to smooth everything in you will end up with the sickest slick ponytail everrrr. Oh and don’t worry about the hair waving up this is not a water based product and the hairspray dries and gives an awesome hold without giving you that flakey gel finish and the wax gives a really nice shine.

I am really into rings this season (which sparked me to create a whole new line of chunky cocktail rings) , designer inspired knuckle rings , and  a whole slew of other avant guard hand  adornments .

As for clothing and shoes , being that it is super hot and humid here tank tops aka wife beaters are a must . graphic tanks , dressy tanks with a light cardigan or a sleeveless jean jacket. Shoes for me would be an awesome wedge heel or for more casual days a really pretty gladiator sandal.

These are just a few things that have my creative juices flowing who knows I might even get around finishing some of my DIY projects .

Until next time ,

stay cool and beautiful


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