Summer styles that easily transition into Fall

take that scarf you’ve been wearing that may have some bold colors in it . use that scarf to add some pops of color into a neutral outfit .

Though braids work well in the summer its a style that effortlessly transitions into fall , winter, and beyond. So use that to your advantage . Take a braided crown style and kick it up a notch by adding some warm caramel color. It doesn’t have to be permanent color either try some clip in extensions which easily snap in and snap out when your done with them or have the color braided into to your hair .

Shoes are another easy transitional style item . Remember neutrals easily carry over , but don’t be afraid to add those bold pops of color when it comes to shoes . Reds are always nice but blues can also carry over well also this can also apply your hand bags also.

These are just a few ways to add a little Summer into your Fall style . So no need to be sad , I hope you can use these as inspiration and make it your own you know break the rules and create a look that’s all your own

Until next time ,

Peace !


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