Maintaining your color treated mane

So you have made the decision to color your hair and now have concerns about making sure it’s healthy.Whether you’ve  had your hair professionally colored or took the DIY route Here’s a few tricks of the trade that will keep your mane looking top-notch.

If you have fashion tones  (ie) pinks, reds, purple, or blues typically anything bright heat is not your friend 😢. That means direct heat from a blow dryer,  flat iron,  curling iron or any other high heat source will cause your color to fade faster than it should.  So it’s important to cut down your heat usage or eliminate it all together if at all possible if you want to get more wear out of your color. Another source of protection if you must use heat is to use a heat serum.  A heat serum acts as a barrier between the heat source and your hair which in turn helps prevents fading and heat damage

Another great way to preserve your color is to use  a sulfate free shampoo . It tends to be a bit more gentle and doesn’t strip the hair of excess moisture. Follow up with moisturizing conditioner and most importantly rinse with cool water this again helps to prevent fading.

For our more natural tones from blackest black to platinum blonde yes, you too have to go easy on the  heat  but nowhere near as much as our fashion tone friends. Thirst may be your biggest issue.  So moisture will become your best friend.

Not to worry though there are tons of ways to squeeze in a little extra moisture here and there . Start by infusing a few drops of your favorite oil (olive, coconut, sweet almond) into your conditioner .  This works wonders for the hair and leaves it feeling silky soft.

Next if you are not already doing this, now  would be great time to incorporate a leave in conditioner to your hair routine. Leave in conditioners are a quick way to add extra moisture and they can also act as a sunscreen for the hair protecting it from the sun’s intense heat

These are just a few tricks of the trade.  I hope these tips were helpful.  If you incorporate  these easy steps into hair maintenance routine you color should stay fresh and your hair undamaged.

Until next time,


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