February favorites

I’ve been enjoying a few new things  lately and decided to head to the blog and share.  Some of the items are gifts from Christmas and other are from my personal collection .

I’ll  start with the gifts. I’ve always liked candles but just got away from purchasing them simply because I could never smell them once I started burning  them.  I’d seen bath and body works candles advertised and thought it’s probably just another overly expensive stick of wax.  Boy was I ever wrong . I was gifted one from my client and went back soon after Christmas to purchase another because they had such an awesome smell. It lingers you don’t even have to burn it everyday. So these definitely made my top pick.


Next would be my Becca cosmetics ever-matte poreless priming perfector gifted to me by my sister . I have oily skin so this works great to mattify my makeup at the beginning of the day and by the end of the day when I’m typically a greasy mess it gives me a more Dewey look.img_20170131_104905

And from personal collection, usually every year around my birthday as a gift to my self I purchase my self shoes because I love shoes and mainly boots this year was no different. I wanted something in a different color other than my traditional black or brown. I didn’t want a high heel.  So I’d been going back and forth between just fab and shoe dazzle (I never order shoes online they tend not to fit right) and found a pair that I really liked and used a birthday Gift Card to purchase new boots  from justfab.com . Needless to say I’m in love. I opted for flats a great choice on my part. The fit is perfect and they are super comfortable .


And last but not least are earrings from my new collection (spring preview here) . I make a lot of pieces but I tend to steer away from studs but in this collection I decided to include them.  I love all the pieces in the collection but these have become my favorite which is odd because I never ever wear studs they just weren’t my thing.  These on the other hand have a subtle boldness about them that I’m really into.img_20170131_110251

Well that’s it for now.  I hope your year is getting along as planned if not do like the GPS says & reroute.

Until next time ,

✌ 💋💕💟💞


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