Making a statement with statement pieces

Bold , eyecatching, sparkly and most often quite large (hence the name statement piece). These type of accessories can be anything from a bold necklace , dangly super sparkly earrings , or an eyepopping cocktail ring . These types of pieces speak for themselves and can easily take a simple outfit from blah to wow !

When putting your outfit together keep in mind the attention these items command . You don’t want look gaudy and overdone.Trust me on that one I’ve loved some pieces so much and decided I should wear them all and ended up looking like a display case for the jewelry. It totally took away from the overall look I was trying to create.

So try not to over do it , If you go bold around the neck try to keep the earrings simple . If you want to bring more attention to your facial features going bold on the ears is quite the attention grabber, a simple dainty necklace or none at all, and to complete the look with a super standout cocktail ring to create an awesome style balance.

So whether you choose to go super simple or make your jewelry presence known. Your look should command a fierce confidence.

Until next time,


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