Quick styles and tips for hair emergencies

We’ve all had them, you know those days when your hair just doesn’t want to act right . no matter how you twist it , turn it, curl it , or twirl it. It just will not OBEY. Or you are running late for work and didn’t have enough time pull yourself all together.

Well here are few of my goto tips to get through those dreaded bad hair days . First things firsts head bands , bobby pins and scarves are you friend . Store them and stash them in easy to find places . Yes of course your bathroom but think of places such as your purse, your car , and in your desk or a personal storage space at work. These items can make you look pulled together in minutes.

Consider keeping a gallon ziplock bag on hand with all of your emergency essentials in them on the days you are running late, things like a travel bottle of hairspray, comb & brush, styling gel , hair ties , headbands , and bobby pins.

When all else fails ( assuming you have the time of course) a gorgeous top knot or messy bun always works . A sleek ponytail and let’s not forget my favorite goto for hair emergencies. Clip on ponytails , or my trusty wig that’s right it works every time . Though I wouldn’t recommend these be apart of your work stash always keep a really nice wig or hair piece on hand for those real emergencies , like when you can’t make it to your hair dresser and you have an important meeting or  It decides to rain on your freshly done do and you had big plans for the night.

I hope these tips help you make it through those rough hair days. In the comments section let me know what are some of your go to items for hair emergencies?


until next time,

stay beautiful


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